Carte de vœux - année du Buffle (1973)
New year Card – Buffalo (1973)

When he returned in France in 1972, he renewed with the art of engraving, a teaching he had received in his youth at the Applied-Art School of Gia-Đinh  – a school created in 1913 by André Joyeux and where students were taught drawing, wood and copper engraving as well as lithography.

When founded, this institution was meant to enhance Vietnamese craftsmen’ work and to link traditional “know-how” with the modern world.

He thus executed a number  of engravings and cards with 2 or 3 colours. Most of them were engraved with a gouge on linoleum, some on wood, and printed by arm press in limited series, either on Chinese paper or thin cardboard paper. All of them show themes from Viêt-Nam.

Carte de vœux - année du Tigre (1974)
New year card – Tiger (1974)
Femmes des Haut-plateaux, estampe (vers 1972)
Women from the highlands, engraving, 40×30 (circa 1972)
La belle et la bête, estampe (vers 1972)
The beauty and the beast, engraving, 40×30 (circa 1972)
Gardien de buffle, estampe (vers 1972)
Buffalo guardian, engraving, 40×30 (circa 1972)
Maternité, estampe (vers 1972)
Motherhood, engraving, 50×65 (circa 1972)