His work

He is an artist who nearly created all his life, embracing various disciplines : oil, gouache, watercolour, silk painting but also pastel drawing, engraving, lacquer painting and sculpture. His themes are still lives, everyday life scenes, landscapes and legends of Viêt-Nam and France, as well as religious and mythological themes, individual and group portraits.

It is difficult to define his style, for his technique, his palette, his themes underwent several changes at different periods of his career.  However, during an interview for a radio broadcast in Saïgon (December 1960), he classified himself as a “classic” painter,  inspired by the Western artistic trends and the Impressionists, Expressionists, Fauves and Cubists Masters of that time (See heading : “Press articles”)

A certain number of his works were acquired by Vietnamese, French and Foreign (Swiss, Italian, German, British, Canadian, American) private art collectors.

One of them can be seen in the collections of Ovar Museum in Portugal  – “The cultivator in peace time”, oil on canvas 33×41, about 1965.