Teaching career

In a parallel direction to his artistic life, he taught at the :

  •  Secondary School of  Phu-Xuân in Huê (1938-1939)
  • Applied-Arts School of Hanoï (1952-1954)
  • Fine-Arts School of Gia-Đinh (1954-1964)
  • Marie-Curie and Regina Mundi High-Schools of Saïgon (1964-1972)

Some of his students became confirmed artists, figures of the contemporary Vietnamese Painting and among them, a few settled and have worked abroad since then.

Avec ses élèves de l’École de Gia-Dinh, 1954
With his students at the Fine-Arts School of Gia-Đinh, 1954


Discours d'inauguration, École des Beaux-arts de Gia-Dinh, 1954
Inauguration Speech, Fine-Arts School of Gia-Đinh, 1954
Avec ses élèves en extérieur, 1955
With his students outdoors, 1955
Avec M. Le Van De, Directeur et Mme Marie Baranger, École de Gia-Dinh, 1959
With M. Lê Van Đê, Director and Mrs Marie Baranger, a Fresco painter, Fine-Arts School of Gia-Đinh, 1959